Our services

In Grupo Acai we offer services for small, medium and large businesses in the financial, automotive, and health sector, connecting companies with the final client through our Marketplaces.


An online platform that connects sellers and buyers. It resembles a traditional store but adapted to the new trends and ways of online consumption of current and potential clients. Our users can find what they need at any time and at any moment.

In Grupo Acai we make the best out of our Marketplaces. Besides, with our performance campaigns, you will be able to boost your business’ online visibility.


In Grupo Acai we offer client acquisition for businesses in the financial, automotive, and health sector. Through our optimized and developed Marketplaces portals, you will be able to connect with people interested in acquiring your products or services. We collect information about your potential clients in order to identify their profile, preferences, and needs with the objective of facilitating useful data to obtain an efficient interaction


Our Partners have access to our Marketplaces and to our internal platforms developed with the purpose of carrying out a customized follow-up of their clients.

Through our optimized technology on site, we help users take better decisions. Our partners, with free internal apps, have at their disposal management systems for achieving the administration and closing of a sale process.




Clients are more digital day by day and we offer them what they need when they need it.”


Grupo Acai is experiencing rapid growth. We were born in 2013, and currently we have international presence in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

In each country, our Marketplace portals adapt to the typical consumption habits, therefore, offering the best quality service for the user. The result is an excellent relationship between users and collaborators.

International strategies generating optimal results for campaigns all around the world

International presence