At ACAI Group we are specialists in generate new clients to our portals, advertisers and our agency. Our services include:

Email Marketing

We manage our own databases and we have a wide network of international affiliates. This way, we are capable of generate, every year, thousands of new clients to our advertisers

Display marketing campaigns

Nowadays, display marketing is the marketing area with the higher growth, when it comes to results. We offer a wide network of affiliates, that are present in different websites, to achieve our goal: To reach the right user profile, with the right message and at the right moment.

The most common sizes for this kind of typology are 300*250, 120*600 and 720*480.

Thanks to our designers, we are capable to create exclusive designs and to adapt them to the preferences of our clients.

Business typology

We offer different models, adapted to the needs of each client.

  • CPC or Cost per Click: implies that the advertiser only pays for each click that’s made in an ad.
  • CPL or Cost per lead: The advertiser pays for each new user entry/conversion/lead in his company’s database.
  • CPA or Cost per Acquisition (Sale): The advertiser pays for each sale done.

Publicity campaigns

A wide range of performance marketing campaigns, focused on Vehicules, Home improvements, Credits/Loans, Health and Beauty.

At ACAI Group we have the best offers in performance marketing campaigns. Since we have exclusive portal y direct campaigns with our clients, we offer the most competitive payouts in the market.

International Presence

Europe, LATAM and Australia.

At ACAI Group we offer exclusive campaigns to local and international clients. Spain, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Australia are among the countries where we operate.

The payouts, payment methods and types of campaign depend on the region in which we operate the campaign. To follow-up these campaigns, ACAI relies on it’s own platform to perform impressions, clicks and conversions or any campaign sales.

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We are Technology

full responsive web designs

From ACAI we have optimized landing pages, specifically focused in the segmentation of the desire costumer target, getting the most qualified profiles with additional information for our clients sales departments with the goal of increasing the lead to sale conversion rates .

Native Page

Funnel Page

Affiliate ACAI

Landing pages with segmentation by step and filtered questions to find our clients specific customer target: Possibility to structure the hybrid payment methods and lead goals. Perfectly adapted to all kind of devices, our landing pages are designed to increase the sales rate of our clients services


We offer the development of a previous step for step in our marketing campaigns, in which we filter the desired customer target through different steps and questions to ensure the right customer profile to our clients .

AFFILIATE-ACAI:Our Group has its own independent CRM platform, that helps our clients that don’t have one or don’t have the technological resources to connect to a call center.

Platform: We have a specific dashboard by client that allows him to review the average of generated leads and all the infos like: Accepted leads, rejected, reason why it was rejected and adapted information to the needs of our clients.

LEAD: Each generated lead it will be treated in an unique way, so we will be able to see the information generated, like: NAME, TELEPHONE, EMAIL, TYPE OF CONTRACT, etc..You’ll be able to add follow-up comments, accept and reject as not valid.

Our Clients

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Presence in more than 16 countries